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Mechatronic awarded “Best Distributor of the Year” by OKI Printing Solutions

This award follows a string of awards that Mechatronic has received, during its 23 years co-operation with OKI.   Amongst other awards, Mechatronic was also acclaimed “Best Distributor of the Year” for the years 2000, 2001 and 2003.

Mechatronic has managed not only to make the OKI brand one of the leading brands in the printing solutions arena in the Cyprus market, but also succeeded in keeping it there!

"We have been working with Mechatronic for ages, and never once had any doubts of the decision that we took back in 1988. Mechatronic is a focused distributor who understands the needs of customers, has the infrastructure and the required knowledge in place, to successfully and professionally distribute our products in the Cyprus market” said Mr Wojciech Puchalski – CEE Export Manager - OKI printing Solutions Polska.

“Mechatronic has been the right choice for OKI. With their proven commitment, expertise, and ability to deliver results, they continue to thrive in the difficult times we are into. We are delighted to have been working with Mechatronic in Cyprus all these years and we look forward working with them to grow the business even further!”

“We are very pleased and excited to win this recognition award once more. OKI is one of our first and best performing brands since the formation of our Company in 1984, therefore we are proud to see that our hard work and dedication has paid off for another year” said Mr. Michael Antoniades, Sales Director of Mechatronic.  “In the difficult times we are facing, and the challenges we are coming across every day, it is unusual to see sales to increase. This would not have been possible without the valuable help, guidance and support from OKI.”