Banner for Maintenance

Mechatronic’s Maintenance Contracts, either during office working hours or 24x7, are provided for proactive and preventive problem resolution, and for reducing the chance of any possible service disruption.

Our flexible coverage and Service Level Agreement options, facilitate you to choose the service coverage your Organization needs, in order to achieve the preferred level of availability.

This flexibility reduces your total operational costs since you only receive the type of service you need! 

Make the most of your Network and Systems efficiency. We shall undertake to:

  • Manage your systems more effectively
  • Resolve problems, either remotely or on-site (remote service delivers faster problem resolution)
  • Offer proactive and preventive problem resolution and checks
  • Provide efficient problem resolution
  • Provide flexible service levels
  • Offer flexibility to tailor service, with comprehensive options

For more information on our Maintenance Contract options, please do call us.