Mechatronic Services

It is common to expect that  rapid response to all their issues at all times. That is why at Mechatronic we offer a full range of service and support options for the products we are selling.

Our dedicated professionals are available to best assist customers, answer questions and provide the level of service that businesses demand.

Service is provided during Office Business Hours, Monday to Friday from 08:00-17:30 with the exception of Wednesdays which we finish off at 14:00.

Furthermore, service can also be offered during non-working hours given that a 3-day prior notice is provided.

Mechatronic has been providing service to customers for more than 25 years now, both during business & non-business hours (24x7) and has the necessary engineers to support our installbase at all times.

We are Authorized Support Centers, providing accredited value added services for the following vendors:

Logos of companies we provide service for.