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The concept of LED (light-emitting diode) technology seems to have been ‘discovered’ recently by a number of modern, even leading-edge industries such as automotive, laptop and contemporary lighting design and manufacture.

For these manufacturers, LED has been rightly recognized as a highly innovative technology offering them and their customers a number of important advantages. Performance can be improved in such areas as greater cost control, better and more consistent quality and reduced environmental impact, both over previous models and their more traditional competitors.

And the print solutions sector has not been immune from this trend, as the market is currently witnessing a significant increase in activity among major manufacturers in the development of digital LED-based print solutions.


Yet this technology is not new. OKI Printing Solutions launched its first generation digital LED-based printers as long ago as 1989 and has continued to refine and improve the technology over the past two decades, with the result that the company’s latest printers offer substantial gains across key aspects of performance.

There is no doubt that the establishment of LED as a credible, mainstream alternative to laser-based print technologies, is due to its ability to meet the unprecedented demand for solutions which can deliver proven return on investment in tough economic times. This is especially evident in the small to medium business (SMB) marketplace, in which companies are looking to compete with larger competitors with bigger budgets in ever-more aggressive markets.

So now the secret is out, it appears, as the print solutions market looks poised to move decisively from the laser into the digital LED era, as manufacturers and users alike recognize that this is no longer just a ‘nice-to-have’ option, but is now central to efficient print delivery.