Seiko Epson Corporation commonly known as Epson, is a Japanese technology company and one of the world's largest manufacturers of computer printers, information and imaging related equipment. Headquartered in Suwa, Nagano, Japan, the company has numerous subsidiaries worldwide and manufactures inkjet, dot matrixand laser printers, scanners, desktop computers, business, multimedia and home theatreprojectors, large home theatre televisions, robots and industrial automation equipment, point of sale docket printers and cash registers, laptops, integrated circuits, LCD components and other associated electronic components. It is one of three core companies of the Seiko Group, a name traditionally known for manufacturing Seiko timepieces since its founding.

Epson's objective is to play a useful role in the lives of people around the world, contribute to the development of society, and be an indispensable company for our customers and for society. By relentlessly pursuing our strength in creating compact, energy-saving, high-precision technologies, and by becoming "a community of robust businesses," Epson's aim is to create products and services that provide true value for its customers.

Epson's management philosophy calls for it to be "a progressive company, trusted throughout the world." We believe that the value of our company is in creating products and services that are indispensable, and in playing an important role in our customers' lives and in society in general. Our intention is therefore to provide the maximum possible support in the recovery efforts for the earthquake that struck the Tohoku area of Japan on March 11, 2011. As a company with plants and subsidiaries in the region, and as a global company that is headquartered in Japan, Epson's management and employees are working together as one to contribute to a full economic recovery and also to the ongoing development of society.

Epson established its SE15 Long-Range Corporate Vision with the goal of promoting sustainable development. Based on this vision, we are relentlessly pursuing what has been Epson's strength since it was first founded-the creation of compact, energy-saving, high-precision technologies. We are shifting our management resources to business areas in which we can promote our strengths through innovative technology and where we foresee growth. In keeping with the three-year SE15 Mid-Range Business Plan, which is in its final year in FY2011, we have worked to link individual and divisional targets to corporate goals, sought to revolutionize our thinking, reform management, and made efforts to rebuild and strengthen our business infrastructure. At the same time, we are providing products and services that cater to the specific characteristics of customers in individual markets, and are in particular emphasizing efforts in emerging economies, commercial and industrial applications and in new markets and customer segments. By carrying out these initiatives, we can establish ourselves on a new path that will lead to steady growth.