Wait, you’ve never heard of Xclaim Wireless? That’s ok, it’s a new brand. In fact, it’s a whole new way to Wi-Fi!

Xclaim Wireless is built by a market leader in high-performance enterprise wireless LAN systems, Ruckus Wireless. Ruckus is known throughout the wireless industry as the leader in RF performance, building rock solid wireless systems for a plethora of markets, including hospitality, K-12 and higher education, warehousing & logistics, retail, medium enterprise, and transportation. We have some of the world’s largest service providers as our customers, and we’ve built massive public networks around the globe.

But along the way, we noticed a troubling trend. Wireless LAN vendors kept adding sophisticated features and functionality to their systems in order to satisfy the needs of the largest businesses in the world. Huge companies and massive agencies reaped the benefits of this relentless pace of development in wireless technology. All good, right?

Except in the race for bigger, faster, better networks, one thing was forgotten. You. Small business operators want great wireless. No, they need great wireless. But you don’t have massive IT staff – you may not have any IT staff. And you don’t have limitless networking budgets. So you’ve been forced, for far too long, to run to your local electronics retailer and settle for products that were designed to offer a simple wireless experience in your home.

You deserve better. That’s why we’ve developed Xclaim Wireless. We’ve taken the performance, reliability and robust feature sets of big business wireless, and eliminated all of the cost and complexity. What’s left is a product line purpose built to suit the needs of small business.

We hope you find the solution simple, robust and incredibly elegant. And we hope we can help take the stress out of at least one part of your business.