GFI Software is a developer of Web & Mail security, Networking & Security and Archiving & Fax computer software founded in 1992. Its products include software for filtering spam and viruses from e-mail as well as for monitoring and scanning networks for security purposes.

GFI Software pioneers powerful, award-winning IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) – and make them affordable and easy to use.

GFI understands the challenges and opportunities customers face, and it’s their business to help them to succeed, while saving their time and money. That’s why they keep technology simple where possible, and provide expert help and resources when customers need them.

Why buy from GFI Software?

What makes a customer choose one product over another? Is it because of the brand, the price, the quality, or a good recommendation?

With hundreds of thousands of installations and thousands of customers for a total of millions of seats, GFI Software has worked hard to create products that deliver on all points. Not many vendors in the small to medium-sized IT market have managed to build such a respected track record or perform consistently with such a wide and diverse market footprint.

From the start, GFI adopted a clear strategy: to focus on the IT needs of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Instead of designing products for large enterprises and then reworking them for small to medium-sized businesses, we took the conscious step to develop our software with the SMB market in mind. We've built the necessary functionality to address your everyday IT problems and have also taken care to be sure that our software is easy to download, install and configure. Our hosted services are not only easy to use and sign up to, but there are no long-term commitments or contractual obligations. Our primary target is your infrastructure needs at a price that is cost-effective and manageable.

GFI’s success over more than a decade has stemmed, primarily, from the excellent reputation that the company enjoys among business owners and systems administrators. Tried and tested by thousands of companies, our products are highly rated in terms of quality, performance, ease-of-use and price; the four cornerstones upon which we have built the company.


  • GFI Software's products use cutting-edge technology and we develop software that allows administrators to deal with IT problems quickly.
  • The number of awards we have received, often in competition against much larger companies, is proof of our commitment to robust, quality products.


  • GFI Software's products are designed to integrate seamlessly with all Microsoft operating systems and networking solutions thereby eliminating unwanted surprises.
  • The extremely low risk of incompatibility means better performance and less time spent troubleshooting or on maintenance.

Ease of Use

The trouble with enterprise products is that they tend to be extremely complex offerings that often require a dedicated IT person or an expensive consultant to set them up.

  • The SMB market does not want to – and cannot – waste its resources or its precious time handling complex solutions with functionality that they will rarely use or need.
  • GFI's products are designed to be installed with minimum configuration and little maintenance, freeing up time for the administrator to do other important tasks.
  • Off the shelf, out-of-the-box solutions - we understand what the SMB market needs.


  • What really differentiates GFI from other vendors in the Industry is their ability to save you money through their competitive pricing, without compromising on quality, functionality or performance.
  • GFI Software's aggressive pricing is aimed at helping SMBs to address their IT problems without a lot of extra work and expense.

GFI, listens to its customers. They want to know what customers need so that they can provide it for them. Price, quality, performance and ease-of-use - that's what GFI believes in and what they strive to deliver at GFI Software!