Inspiring Innovation • Persistent Perfection

Inspiring Innovation • Persistent Perfection (IIPP) is the ASUS brand promise. It symbolizes our commitment to making life better through innovation, and our belief that life-changing shifts can only be achieved by keeping ahead of the curve and not resting on past successes.

Inspiring Innovation • Persistent Perfection isn’t mere management mumbo jumbo — it is a guiding philosophy that manifests itself in a myriad of ways within the ASUS organization.

Inspiring Innovation — Where Exciting Possibilities Emerge

‘Inspiring Innovation’ dates back to ASUS’ humble beginnings in 1989, where one small step resulted in a giant leap. Inspiring Innovation is the firm belief that things can always be improved. It is the ability to look beyond known solutions and have the courage to seek something new, and it describes the desire to make our customers’ dreams a reality through ASUS’ expertise and dedication.

Persistent Perfection — In Pursuit of Excellence

Every ASUS engineering prototype passes through numerous stringent evaluation steps to ensure that the resulting idea far exceeds anyone’s expectations. Whether it is design or performance, every finished ASUS product embodies many hours of commitment to ensure that this goal is realized. Persistent Perfection embodies ASUS’ unrelenting commitment to complete customer satisfaction, but it goes beyond providing perfect solutions — ASUS aims to provide the perfect experience.

"Inspiring Innovation • Persistent Perfection" is our formula for exceeding expectations in everything we do and delivering complete customer satisfaction consistently. It will chart the course for ASUS to fulfill our vision of becoming the world's most admired leading enterprise in the new digital era, and will continue to serve as the blueprint for making our customers' dreams a reality in decades to come."

Origin of the name "Asus"

Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology represents inspiration and knowledge. These facets are not lost in ASUS, which is named after it. The company embodies the strength, purity, and creative spirit of this mythical creature, and soars to new heights with each product it produces.

Through the years, ASUS’ visionary approach has seen it become a major proponent in consumer technology, bringing quality innovation and design into consumers’ lives.