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Dell Wyse Energy Conservation

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Energy Reduction & Conservation!

Improving energy efficiency and minimizing carbon footprint have become top-of-mind among IT executives. As a result of the trend toward green computing, Mechatronic has signed an Agreement with WYSE (Dell Wyse now) to promote cloud client computing which emerged as a key enabler to much more efficient, environmentally responsible computing.


Wyse Cloud Clients and Cloud PCs consume far less energy than PCs, and their low heat output means less power is needed to fuel air conditioning systems to keep workers comfortable and productive. Since fewer materials are used to produce cloud client equipment, there’s less to dispose of at end-of-life. And cloud clients last much longer than PCs – roughly 5-9 years compared to a PC’s 1-4 year life span!   

Wyse thin clients, zero clients and cloud PCs deliver exceptional energy savings:

  • They consume less from 4-15 Watts of power, whereas as typical PC consumes between 150 – 250 Watts- a reduction that typically exceeds 90%.
  • They meet the strictest environmental and recycling certification requirements, including ROHS, WEEE and ISO 14001.
  • Remote management eliminates travel associated with equipment maintenance and system enhancements.
  • Light-weight, compact form factors reduce the cost and energy required for shipping, storage and operation.
  • With all data stored securely in the datacenter, thin, zero & cloud clients can be used to access corporate resources remotely, enabling secure remote computing, taking cars off the road.

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